The Town of Hyde Park Police Dispatchers perform some of the most important tasks within the department. They are trained professionals committed to assisting the public by gathering and distributing information quickly and efficiently. Their main responsibilities include:

  • Entering and relaying requests for data from eJusticeNY (Integrated Justice Portal).
  • Entry and maintenance of the police blotter and other police records.
  • Receiving calls for service and information from the public, other emergency services and units on patrol.
  • Receiving, monitoring and replying to patrol radio traffic.
  • Recording, prioritizing and assigning calls for service.

Calling in an Emergency

If you are reporting an emergency please identify yourself to the dispatcher and provide a return phone number in case of disconnection. Try to have the following information available:

  • What - what is happening?
  • When - is it occurring now?
  • Where - is the incident occurring?
  • Where - where is the incident taking place?
  • Who - who are the suspects or victims?
  • Why - do you know why?