Criminal Court

The Hyde Park Town Court hears criminal cases originating within the Town and has full jurisdiction for non-felony cases (misdemeanors and violations) to accept guilty pleas or hold trials. 

Felony Charges

On felony charges, the court conducts the arraignment and preliminary inquiry  and may set bail or hold without bail. If the charges are not reduced to misdemeanors, the Town Court transfers them to Dutchess County Court for final disposition. The Town Court may not accept pleas in felony cases. The Town Court must set bail or order release in all non-felony cases.

Legal Counsel

Defendants have the right to legal counsel for all criminal cases, including felony, misdemeanor and violation cases. They also have the right to counsel for traffic misdemeanors (Driving While Under the Influence). The Dutchess County Public Defender Office provides legal services to criminal defendants who have been determined to be indigent. 


Attention: The material on this page is only for information about the Town of Hyde Park Court and is not intended to provide legal advice. The Town of Hyde Park makes no claims about the correctness or completeness of this information.