Trail Safety Quick Tips

Be Safe in the Woods!

Even a short walk in the park can turn difficult or dangerous if you are unprepared. We recommend at least these basics:
  • Wear clothing and footwear appropriate for the season and terrain. Many of our trails are on historic woods roads that have natural surfaces, such as dirt, gravel, grass, leaves or loose stone. Others are rugged footpaths that may be steep. Be prepared for changes in weather.
  • Bring a map, water and snacks or extra food.
  • Ticks that can spread Lyme disease are common here. Avoid brushing against vegetation, and use insect repellant. See our page Be Tick Smart.
  • Poison ivy is common along the trails. Get to know what it looks like, in all forms and in all seasons.
Posion ivy leaves

The NY-NJ Trail Conference website has a more comprehensive list for longer hikes