Activities To Do At Home

Take Virtual Tours!

Visit 30 National Parks
Visit the San Diego Zoo
Visit the Georgia Aquarium 
Explore Disney World
Visit SeaWorld Orlando
Check out LEGO Land in Florida
Explore Anywhere on Earth with Google Earth
Tour the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam
Beyond the Battle Field – Watch a behind the scenes video-based field trip of the Museum of the American Revolution.
Boeing Aerospace Tour – Join Boeing on a virtual field trip to the Johnson Space Center.
Tour Buckingham Palace
Ellis Island – Visit Ellis Island with this video created by Scholastic. 
Ford’s Theater – Tour the site of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination through panoramic images.
Great Wall of China – This panoramic virtual tour allows you to walk the Great Wall.
Marineland Dolphin Adventure – Learn about dolphins, sea turtles, and more during this video-based tour.
Visit Mars (Yes, Mars!) Explore the surface of Mars in a 360-degree view while learning about the planet and space exploration.
Mount Everest – Explore the mountain through 360-degree photos and informative articles.
Titanic Wreckage – Virtually tour the Titanic wreckage on the ocean floor.

Support the Arts!

The New Deal Creative Arts Center’s Stories at Seven
Watch Operas from The Met
National Theatre: Free Full Length Plays (Thursdays)
View Art Galleries in Famous Museums
The British Museum – View the museum’s galleries online.
The Louvre Museum – Explore exhibits at this famous art museum in Paris, France.
The Globe Theatre - Stream Shakespeare performances from The Globe Theatre in London, England
MetKids – Explore the Metropolitan Museum of Arts with an interactive map and videos.

24-Hour Live Feeds/Web Cams

Panoramic View of Paris PLUS catch the Eiffel Tower Sparkle at Night
Check out Times Square Right NOW!
Watch Ships Pass Through the Panama Canal
Africam - Watch animals in the African bush live. 
All About Birds - Watch birds all over the US and world via live webcams.
Explore – Watch animals all over the world with these live webcams.
Houston Zoo – Watch animals in several of their exhibits via live webcam.

Time Lapse Videos

Elemental Iceland
America’s Great Spaces
Watch Flowers Bloom Before Your Eyes
Crazy Chemistry of Reacting Metal
Time Lapse of Alaska’s Northern Lights

Games, Puzzles, and More!

Riddles to Quiz Yourself or Someone Else!
Logic Puzzles
Rebus Puzzles
Math Playground
Optical Illusions
Play Chess Against Your Computer
Printable Sudoku
Solve Logic Problems
Color Disney Characters Online
Coloring for Adults
Printable Coloring Pages for Adults & Kids
Mohjongg Solitaire
Crossword Puzzles Online
Printable Reader’s Digest Crossword Puzzles
Word Search Puzzles Online
Printable Word Seach Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles Online

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