Town of Hyde Park received the certification upon, over a number of years, establishment, installation, completion and/or participation of the following tasks:

Tasks leading to Certification

  1. Community solar high-impact action.
  2. Environmental Fund completion and management directive.
  3. Municipality fleet inventory
  4. Sunlight General Capital LLC for the community solar subscription for the twelve town electric meters.
  5. Recycling program at: Town Hall, Town Highway Department, Town Police Department, court facilities, and the Town Recreation Department.
  6. Yard waste drop-off program.
  7. Level 2, dual charging port EV station.
  8. Major streetscape upgrade on Route 9 which included extending sidewalks, installing crosswalks, and smooth shoulders for bicycling.
  9. Expanding sidewalks and crosswalks.
  10. Several tree plantings.
  11. Codes for mixed land uses; diversity of housing opportunities and choices; walkable neighborhoods; foster distinctive, attractive communities with a strong sense of place; preserve open space, farmland, natural beauty, and important natural areas; and strengthen and direct development toward existing community centers, hamlets, or urban areas.
  12. Conservation design subdivision.
  13. Community Resilience Building Workshop
  14. A culvert management plan
  15. Climate Resilience Policy Evaluation
  16. Community Campaign for Community Solar
  17. Hyde Park Farmer's Market
  18. Northern Dutchess Solarize Hudson Valley Campaign
  19. Earth Day Stream-a-thon event
  20. Hyde Park's CSC task force Instagram account
Bronze Award Town of Hyde Park Climate Smart Community