How do I contact my Town Board representative?

The Town is divided into four wards, and each representative is elected to represent their ward on the Town Board every two years.

Ward 1 Councilperson: Neil Krupnick – 845-233-4775 or email Neil.

Ward 2 Councilperson: David Ray – 845-518-4299 or email David.

Ward 3 Councilperson: Stephen Woodcock – 845-905-2685 or email Stephen.

Ward 4 Councilperson: Kenneth Schneider – 845-229-0729 or email Ken.

To determine your ward and your representative, please see the Ward Map (PDF) and the following PDFs which are arranged in alphabetical order by street name.

Hyde Park Streets W1 (PDF)

Hyde Park Streets W2 (PDF)

Hyde Park Streets W3 (PDF)

Hyde Park Streets W4 (PDF)

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